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ARTH 278 | Survey of Asian Art

Recommended Starting Points

Subject Encyclopedias are scholarly works written by experts on a variety of topics. The articles are typically longer and more detailed than general encyclopedias. The background information provides a good starting point as you begin the research process. Here are some of the ways a subject encyclopedia can help guide you:

  • Understand the scope of the topic
  • Suggest ideas for narrowing the topic
  • Identify key concepts, terms, dates,and names
  • List subject areas related to the topic
  • Recommend sources for further exploration

Background Sources

Search Primo

Use Primo (see search box below)  to find resources on your topic at Collins Library and beyond. Request books held by Summit libraries for delivery to Collins Library within 3-5 business days.

Ways to Search:

  • Name of Artist, e.g., Kitagawa, Utamaro
  • Movement or Style, e.g., Ukiyoe
  • Time Period, e.g., Art, Japanese Edo Period , Art, Chinese 20th Century
  • Art Form, e.g., Sculpture, Chinese; Screen Painting, Japanese

Also try these broader search terms. Copy and paste them into the Primo search box.

Tip:To find the location of books in the stacks, use the call number location chart.


Chinese Art

  • Art, Chinese
  • Painting, Chinese
  • Ink Painting, Chinese
  • Landscape Painting, Chinese
  • Scrolls, Chinese
  • Calligraphy, Chinese
  • Pottery, Chinese
  • Sculpture, Chinese

Japanese Art

  • Art, Japanese
  • Painting, Japanese
  • Screen Painting, Japanese
  • Landscape Painting, Japanese
  • Wooden Engraving, Japanese
  • Pottery, Japanese
  • Wood-engraving, Japanese
  • Color prints, Japanese
  • Sculpture, Japanese


The library has access to a growing collection of eBooks which you can discover through Primo. When the results of your search are displayed, you can refine your results to eBooks. Keep in mind that you only have access to eBooks for Collins Library.


Here is one example:

A Companion to Asian Art and Architecture
Call Number: eBook