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History 314: War and Society in Premodern Europe

Getting Started with Subject Encyclopedias

Subject encyclopedias are fantastic starting points for your research.  Subject encyclopedia articles typically include an overview of the topic, cross-references, a discussion of the historiography of the topic, and identification of key primary and secondary sources.

Click on any of these headings to find specific listings of subject encyclopedias:

Subject Encyclopedias:  Warfare & Technology

Subject Encyclopedias:  Regions & Peoples

Subject Encyclopedias:  The Crusades

Subject Encyclopedias:  Women & Gender

Subject Encyclopedias: Broad Overviews

Subject Encyclopedias: Broad Overviews

Subject Encyclopedias: Warfare & Technology

Subject Encyclopedias: The Crusades

Subject Encyclopedias: Women & Gender

Subject Encyclopedias: Regions & Peoples