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Sound Ideas

Guide for Faculty interested in Puget Sound's Institutional Repositiory

Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas represents the scholarship and creative works of the faculty, staff and students of the University of Puget Sound. Sound Ideas, organized and made accessible by Collins Memorial Library, demonstrates our institutional commitment to helping enrich the global academic community through sharing and collaboration.

As the University's institutional repository, Sound Ideas provides a space to openly share your research. Faculty members who are unsure about what a publisher's license permits in relation to posting work on personal websites or institutional repositories. 

In addition to acting as a repository for previously published faculty work,  Sound Ideas also hosts journals, conference proceedings, student research, and more.

Why Sound Ideas?

Your work matters, so share it with others by contributing your efforts to Sound Ideas. By depositing your work in Sound Ideas, your work becomes more discoverable to not only the University of Puget Sound community, but also to the global academic community.

By contributing to Sound Ideas you:

  • Promote Puget Sound scholarship
  • Support open access to scholarly information
  • Increase awareness of student research
  • Improve access to faculty research through better search engine ranking
  • Increase collaboration and awareness of campus conferences, lectures and events