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THTR 200 | The Theatrical Experience | Professor Smith

The Play

About the Author

Context Resources

Use these sources to help provide background and context about the play.

  • sexual violence
  • sexual violence in war
  • female genital mutilation
  • women and war
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • mining
  • genocide

Recommended articles:

Friedman, Sharon. "The Gendered Terrain In Contemporary Theatre Of War By Women." Theatre Journal 62.4 (2010): 593

Gener, Randy. "In Defense of 'Ruined.'." American Theatre 27, no. 8 (October 2010): 118.

Katrak, Ketu H. "'Stripping Women of their Wombs': Active Witnessing of Performances of Violence." Theatre Research International 39.1 (2014): 31-46


Search Google for production reviews and set design.

  • Ruined AND Nottage AND set design
  • Ruined AND Nottage AND production photos

Production Reviews and Articles

Ruined premiered in 2008 at the Goodman Theatre. It was workshopped in 2007.