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ARTH 275: Studies in Western Art I

Evaluating Online Information Exercise

Evaluating Online Information

1.  Imagine you are doing research on gun control and you find the following webpages. Because webpages can change frequently, these links will take you to archived versions of the articles. Please do not consider that in your evaluations.



Which of these two webpages do you think is a better place to start your research and why?


2.  You are researching children's health and come across this website: . Please decide if this website is a trustworthy source of information on children's health. You can open a new tab and do an Internet search if you want. Be sure to visit Facts About Youth, a site created by ACP. Take about 5 minutes to complete this task.

Is this website a trustworthy source to learn about children's health?

Explain your answer, citing evidence from the webpages you used. Be sure to provide the URLs to the webpages you cite.


3. Review these two articles, then answer the questions that follow.

Article A:

Article B:

Is Article A or Article B a more reliable source for learning about policies to solve global climate change?



Exercises taken from the Stanford History Education Group