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CHEM 341: Physical Chemistry II

Quantum Chemistry Research

As you get started investigating your topic, you may find it helpful to begin with 'big picture' sources to help you investigate foundational information and necessary context that will allow you to identify and understand the specific nuances of your topic. Secondary and tertiary sources like books, handbooks, encyclopedias, etc., are very useful for this!

Below are some electronically accessible sources available to you through Collins that might help you get started. These are just a very few of the many many books available to you! Not seeing what you need? Feel free to get in touch with Pavel, your science librarian, who can help you identify relevant sources for your particular topic

Get help now!

Ask a Librarian 24/7 service: Anytime, anywhere! This instant messaging reference service lets you chat with a librarian no matter what time it is. Puget Sound librarians can follow up if you leave your email address.

Best for: Questions that can't wait but come up when the library is closed; citation questions; tracking down specific books and articles.