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Collins Library Proxy Bookmarklet

How it works: Save the javascript as a bookmark or favorite in your browser.  When you click on it, it will run a script that prompts you to sign into EZproxy.  


  1. Save the Bookmarklet.
  2. When you have search results in Google Scholar or get to a database restricted to the UPS campus in a way other than from our Library page, click the Proxy bookmarklet to login.

EZProxy Bookmarklet

Drag or right-click and add this link to your browser's favorites or bookmarks:
Collins Library Proxy Bookmarklet


PLEASE NOTE: Avoid double proxying. If you proxy a URL that already has the EZProxy prefix, such as a URL from one of our webpages or catalog, it may cause a problem.

Video: how to use the Proxy Bookmarklet during a search in Google Scholar.

If you are off campus, you can click this bookmarlet to prepend our EZProxy prefix to the URL of the webpage you are currently on.

What is EZProxy?
EZProxy is a web proxy server which acts as an authentication system for users to verify that they are current students, faculty and staff members of UPS. Due to licensing agreements between the library and its vendors and publishers, many of the databases, electronic journals and electronic books that the library subscribes to require this verification for off-campus access. Once signed in to the proxy server, EZProxy dynamically rewrites URLs of electronic resources provided by the vendors, producing the same effect as if the off-campus patron was accessing them via from UPS network or from an on-campus computer terminal.

Who can use EZProxy?
Current UPS students, faculty and staff members of UPS are able to use EZProxy using their UPS username and password. 

Is EZProxy the Only Way to Access the Library's Electronic Resources?
Generally, you do not need to use EZProxy if you are connected to UPS wireless network or if you are accessing the library electronic resources from on campus. However, a few resources always require EZProxy, both on-campus and off-campus. 

Faculty, staff or students may not need to connect via EZProxy if they have set up a remote desktop (VPN) on a home computer. NOTE: remote desktop software (VDesk) is managed and supported by Technology Services, not the library.

EZProxy connectivity is also not necessary for resources marked as "Open Access" such as DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals.


I got an error message. Or I could really just use some guidance.

Please email and let us know what's going on and how we can help. If you got an error message, it helps if you can copy and paste it into the email.  If you need more guidance, one of our subject liaisons can help.