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ARTH-370: Buddhist Art | Dr. Hong

Final Paper Assignment

The final project will exhibit your understanding of Buddhist art.  You are free to choose any relevant topic that really interests you.  Demonstrate your critical thinking, imagination, creativity, and originality in the project and show your general understanding of Buddhist art with certain specific knowledge. You are encouraged to discuss your ideas with your instructor before you start the project. Use the references listed in our course syllabus.  

You may choose to do either a research paper or a creative work with an accompanying essay.  You are encouraged to choose the topic (s) pertinent to your own major or minor, something that intrigues you or something you really like to work on.  You are advised to discuss your ideas with me before you start the project and during your work in progress. 

Review the criteria for the assignment on the course Canvas page.

Visit the Writing & Citing page on this guide for tips on how to write about art. 

Art Related Databases from Ebsco

Note: You can search these Ebsco databases simultaneously by clicking on the link "Choose Databases" and selecting the titles listed below.

Scholarly Journals

Also try these databases

Start with these databases to find articles on your topic.

Finding Full Text Articles

If you have a citation to an article and want to find the full text,use Primo's advanced search. Change the "any field" to title. Type the journal title and the material type to journals.

Journal example:

Tan, Chang. 2012. "Art for/of the Masses." Third Text 26, no. 2: 177-194.

Where's The Fulltext?

There are three methods for obtaining the actual articles you wish to read:

Method 1: In some databases, you will be able to link directly to the fulltext article. Look around, as different databases have different interfaces. Look for a link or buttons that says "Check for Full Text" or Download PDF or similar. If given the choice between a PDF or HTML version of the article, always choose the PDF format. This will give you an exact image, including page numbers, of the article as it appears in the paper journal.

Method 2: If a direct link to full text is not available, then look for a link that checks for fulltext in Primo Search to see if the library subscribes to the journal.

Method 3: Use Interlibrary Loan. See box below.