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STS 480: Senior Research Seminar: Find Articles

Recommended Databases

Depending on your topic and approach, you may need to search additional subject databases, such as:

Please feel free, too, to consult with your STS librarian about which databases to search!

Multidisciplinary Databases

STS Research in Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a powerful search tool, but it can be inconsistent in its coverage, so it is best if used for supplemental research. See below for best practices for using Google Scholar.

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Cited Reference Search

Another useful feature of Google Scholar is its ability to allow for easily finding articles which have cited an article that you have found. 

Step 1: When looking at search results, check for the 'Cited by X' link underneath each result. That will tell you how many subsequent articles (that Google Scholar is aware's not 100% comprehensive! This is a ballpark figure) have cited this particular article.

  • Step 2: Click that link, and you will be taken to a new set of results, all of which have cited the original article, which will still be listed at the top of the page.