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SSI2-149: Creationism v. Evolutionism: Finding Monographs (Scholarly Books)

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Tip:  Start your search with a title from the bibliography of an entry in a subject encyclopedia, and then use Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) under "item details" to find more books on the topic!

What do the colored dots next to my search results mean?

The colored dots let you know the availability of an item.

Green dot = item is available at Collins Library.  Click on the "find and request" tab or "view online" tab.

Yellow dot = item is available at a Summit library. Use the "find and request" tab to submit a Summit request.

Gray dot = item is not available at Collins Library. If it is a book, you can submit a Summit request. If the item is an article, it is not available full-text. Submit an interlibrary loan request.

Why should I sign into Primo?

When you sign into Primo, you are able to do the following:

  • Access externally licensed resources.
  • Request or recall items.
  • Save items from your results list and searches you have performed for future use.
  • Set preferences to reflect the way you usually search and save them for future sessions.
  • Access your account to find out what you currently have checked out.

You should also sign out of Primo so that your searches remain private and your settings are not tampered with by anyone else.