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Faculty Guide to Artstor: Presenting with Artstor Images


Presenting with Artstor


The Artstor Digital Library has a tool for automatically creating image-based PowerPoint presentations for projects, classes, and conferences. By saving images into an image group before downloading a presentation, you create a backup of the images used in your presentation in Artstor so you can download them again if needed.


Downloading a group of images directly into PowerPoint is easy:

  1. To download anything from Artstor you must first log in to your registered account. 
  2. Create a group of images: 
  • Search for the images you need
  • Open the detail page for an image. Click the [+] button on the right to save the image to a group. Enter a name for your image group (“AH101 Final Presentation”), create one or more tags (for example “Presentations” or “AH101”), select your sharing permissions (private or everyone at your institution--you likely want to select private) and click save.
  • Search for additional images you’d like to include, and add them to the same image group.
  • Use the “reorder” button to drag and drop the images into the order needed for your presentation.

3. Download your group:

  • Open your group by going to the home page and opening “groups” under the browse menu, then selecting your group. Depending on the privacy settings you selected it will be saved under either the “private” or “institutional” heading.
  • Click “download” just above the image thumbnails on the left. You can download as a PowerPoint presentation or a .zip file.

PowerPoints created in Artstor include one image per slide with the image data in the notes field. Clicking on an image when the PowerPoint is in presentation mode will open the image's detail page at, allowing you to zoom and show details of the image.

You can share a link to the images in your presentation by opening the presentation, and going to Share > Generate image group link.

Image Viewer

The comparison mode is a great way to compare images in presentations. You can compare images from a collection page, a set of search results, or from an image group:

  • View an image you would like to compare. 
  • Hover over the image and select the “>>>>” icon to view fullscreen. 
  • In the full screen view, select “compare” in the upper right corner. 
  • A menu of images will appear on the right. Select up to 10 images to view simultaneously. You can compare details in all images by zooming and panning.
  • Click "compare" a second time to hide the menu.

Sharing Presentations

You can share the image group you used to create your PowerPoint with your students easily by opening your image group and going to Share > Generate image group link. You can paste this link in emails or in your course management software. Students can then view the image group and study them online, or download them to make flashcards.


Thanks to Artstor for this guide's content.