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History 325: Totalitarian Dictatorships in 20th-century Europe: Secondary Sources (Books & Articles)

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Database Search Tips

Always use the advanced search interface and some combination of the following techniques to increase the effectiveness of your searches:

Search Technique   What It Does
quotation marks Searches for exact phrase
Truncation (usually an *) Searches for all forms of a word
Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) Lets you broaden or narrow your search
Database thesaurus or index             Allows you to pinpoint the exact indexing terms the database uses

Example of a Database Search

Subject Databases

Use subject databases (like Historical Abstracts) to identify scholarly journal articles. Then use Primo Journal Search to find out if the library has access--either electronically or in paper/microform format--to the article you need.

If Collins Library does not provide access, you can use Tipasa, the online interlibrary loan request system, to obtain the article.

Use full text databases (like JSTOR) to search, but don't limit yourself to them. They offer great convenience and the power of full text searching; but they do not cover as wide a variety of publications, and may not be able to search recent publications.