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DOC Activism

Documentation and Historiography of Student Activism at the University of Puget Sound

Background and Use


This website was originally created by Nakisha Renee Jones and Daniel Akamine as a history research project in the Spring of 2016 and has continually been passed down through generations of students to continue the living history of documenting student activism on our campus. Nakisha Renee and Daniel passed the project down to Rachel Greiner '19, who then passed it on to Mimi Molotsky '22, who then passed it on to Iliana Barnes Diaz '25. This continuity is extremely important for the maintenance of this website so that generations of students to come to have resources to understand the past in order to engage in activism and advocacy in the future. When the project transferred hands from Rachel to Mimi it also transferred into a paid position as a part of the Office of Civic Engagement and Leadership within the Department of Student Affairs. This was an intentional decision made by students alongside the staff of the Office of Civic Engagement and Leadership to make sure that students were being compensated for the labor they are putting into documenting student activism. The original research done by Nakisha Renee and Daniel is still very present on this website as the website has continued to expand and become more than an academic-based project. The videos you see below are Nakisha Renee and Daniel, as well as Mimi, in their own words explaining why they decided to work on this project. 

Website Guide:

As you navigate through this website there are a few important things to keep in mind! 

1. The tabs on the side are in chronological order of when these events occurred, this is important to see the ways in which students have built upon the work of their predecessors to fight for change. 

2. The layout of the website changes depending on the page, some of the images and text are all on the first tab of the boxes, but some have multiple tabs so make sure to click through every tab in each box to get the full experience. 

3. The work done on this website is not all-encompassing, if you have more questions or are interested in looking deeper into a topic, you can contact to learn more! 

Special Thanks: (collected over the years) 

(Nakisha Renee and Daniel) 

- Nancy Bristow and Doug Sackman for believing in this project

- Grace Livingston for guidance and direction

- Peggy Burge for getting the platform off the ground

- Incite Newsroom 2015-2016 for all your contributions

-Misha Jones for creating our project's banner 

- Students and alumni who have shared your narrative with us


- Skylar Bihl for helping the Office of Civic Engagement and Leadership get involved in this project 

- Peggy Burge for tech support and history of the website

- Adriana Flores and Laura Edger for their tireless archival work 

- the OIED office and especially Vivie Nguyen and Tolu Taiwo for advice and feedback 

- Students and alumni who generously shared your narrative with me 

- Everyone who has come before me on this project! 

Narrative of Our Project