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Black Panther Party: Learning Activities

Review the Exhibit

Arrange a class visit to explore materials on display in the library. Write a review of the exhibit.

Ten Point Program

Review the Black Panthers Ten Point Program and write your own ten point program about political, economic, or social concerns.

Black Panther Newspaper

Make arrangements to examine exhibit copies of the Black Panther Party newspaper and analyze its news coverage. You may also compare it with other mainstream coverage of the Black Panthers.

The Art of Emory Douglas

Analyze the variety of themes in the artwork of Emory Douglas and use it as inspiration to create your own political art.

Black Panthers and the Press

Review newspapers and magazine from the 1960s and 1970s and analyze press coverage of the Black Panther Party.


Design your own Black Panther button in the makerspace.

Create a Zine

Create a zine about the Black Panther Party or another political movement. See the library guide about making zines.

Film and Discussion

View the documentary film The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution on Kanopy's streaming media service and use the filmmaker's discussion guide to prompt engagement.