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History 230: The Roots of English Society & Politics: Life of an Object: ThingLink

This course guide is intended for students enrolled in Prof. Katherine Allen Smith's course. It provides links to relevant resources and suggests assignment-specific research strategies.

ThingLink Options

Using ThingLink
ThingLink is a powerful tool for visual annotation, and you'll want to fully explore all the options available to you as you build your project.
  1. The most versatile type of tag (annotation) in ThingLink is the text+media tag, which allows you to combine text, images, video, links, and even background audio.  The text+media tag offers eleven different layouts, too.
  2. ThingLink also has description or title tags, which display only text.
  3. A text label tag provides hover-over text (maximum six lines).
  4. Additional types of tags include tour tags, poll tags, and more.  See the full array on the Twitter support page.