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Use this guide to get started with your STS research!

Additional Resources for Researching Science, Technology, and Society

Key database: History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

The History of Science, Technology and Medicine (HSTM) is the definitive international bibliographic database for the history of science, technology, and medicine and their influence on culture, from pre-history to the present. Includes records of journal articles, conference proceedings, books, dissertations, serials, maps and other materials.

Search JSTOR

JSTOR contains thousands of full-text articles from journals across the sciences, humanities, and social sciences, and in particular is known for providing online access to extensive archives of back issues of journals, and as such is particularly helpful for historical research. 

Combined Database Search: HA and AHL

This combined search box allows you to search for material, from 1450 to the present by searching two databases simultaneously: Historical Abstracts, which covers world history, and America History & Life, which covers  the United States and Canada.  Do not use this search box if you are researching classical or medieval history--instead, use Iter and L'année philologique from the list to the left.

Combined Search: HA & AHL
Limit Your Results

What's a secondary source?

In secondary sources, authors analyze and interpret primary source materials. 

Secondary sources can be scholarly or popular.  Scholarly sources (sometimes called "academic" or "peer-reviewed" sources) are written by and for experts and typically include bibliographies and citations.  Popular sources are written for a general, non-expert audience and can be authored by anyone.