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You simply can't go wrong by starting with The Encyclopedia of Religion

The Research Assignment: Recommended Methods and Sources

The resources and methods listed on this REL 204 library site are specifically selected to help you research your chosen topic. In general, you should strive to identify and use scholarly sources.  If you have questions or run into difficulties at any point in the research process, please don't hesitate to contact Peggy Burge, Humanities Librarian.

Your research process should follow this order:

  1. Start with subject encyclopedias.  Entries in subject encyclopedias are written by scholars and include a bibliography of additional scholarly sources to consult.
  2. Locate and browse through the books and articles listed in the bibliographies in the subject encyclopedias.
  3. Search the religion subject database, ATLA, for more scholarly materials.
  4. If you use information or materials you find via a general Google search, carefully evaluate them.  In many cases, you might be able to analyze these sources as primary (not scholarly secondary) sources and be able to use them to illustrate different practices.
  5. Cite all of your information sources that you use.  The field of Religious Studies tends to use Chicago style (notes and bibliography) or MLA format.  Typically your professor will let you know on the assignment prompt what citation style to use; if not, you should ask.

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