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SSI1-169 Cancer in Context

What do you think?

What element is REQUIRED for something to be considered a scholarly source?
Written by someone with a PhD.: 8 votes (23.53%)
Published in a peer-reviewed journal.: 7 votes (20.59%)
No pictures included.: 0 votes (0%)
All of the above.: 4 votes (11.76%)
None of the above.: 15 votes (44.12%)
Total Votes: 34

Identifying & Evaluating Different Types of Information Sources

Thinking About Sources

What are the elements of a source that you would examine critically in order to determine how to categorize that source?

What are some of the characteristics that distinguish a popular source from a scholarly source?

When is it appropriate to use scholarly sources? When is it appropriate to use popular sources? 

Why does it matter what type of sources you use for your research?

Nanoparticles in Glioma Cell Nuclei

Work with a Peer Research Advisor!

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