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SSI1-149 | Transgressive Bodies

Database Search Tips

Number 1 Search Tip:

Use Advanced Search and limit features whenever possible. Subset limits, date limits, citation searches, subject searches, etc. -- are all useful timesavers.

More Search Tips:

  • Start with a general search.
  • Use quotes for phrases.
    • 'modern dance"
  • Use AND to find all the words on your topic.
  • Use OR to find any of the words on your topic.
    • ex. dance AND (male OR masculinity OR men)
  • The symbol * is used as a right hand truncation character in most databases; it will find all forms of a word.
    • Ex. danc* will retrieve dance, dancers, dancing, etc.
  • Be flexible in your searching.

Too MUCH Information?

  • Use more specific words.
  • Narrow your search by adding more words connecting them with AND.
  • Do a subject search instead of a keyword search.
  • Put phrases in quotation marks.

Too LITTLE Information?

  • Try different search words, including synonyms, broader terms, or related words.
  • Use the truncation symbol * to get all forms of a word.
  • Try a different database.
  • Ask a librarian for help.

Practice Finding the Full Text in Primo

Use Primo Advanced Search to find out if the full text for the following article is available:

Abra, Allison. "Doing the Lambeth Walk: Novelty Dances and the British Nation." Twentieth Century British History, vol. 20, no. 3, Sept. 2009, pp. 346-369.

Where's The Fulltext?

There are three methods for obtaining the actual articles you wish to read:

Method 1: In some databases, you will be able to link directly to the fulltext article. Look around, as different databases have different interfaces. Look for a link or buttons that says "Check for Full Text" or Download PDF or similar. If given the choice between a PDF or HTML version of the article, always choose the PDF format. This will give you an exact image, including page numbers, of the article as it appears in the paper journal.

Method 2: If a direct link to full text is not available, then look for a link that checks for fulltext in Primo Search to see if the library subscribes to the journal.

Method 3: Use Interlibrary Loan. See box below.