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SSI1-149 | Transgressive Bodies

Subject Databases

There are several databases from which to choose when you are seeking scholarly work. For this course, you most likely will want to search one or more subject databases.  Subject databases are focused on a single discipline or interdisciplinary field and index books, essays in books, and scholarly articles. 

Multidisciplinary Databases

The databases listed below are examples of multidisciplinary finding tools.

Through these databases you will find scholarly articles, popular magazine articles, newspaper articles, and many other types of materials that have been published in periodicals that come from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives.

Searching these databases is an excellent way to discover which disciplines have studied your topic, and get a sense of the different perspectives they bring to the topic.

Once you've explored some of these tools you may then want to search a subject specific database to get a more in-depth collection of materials related to your topic that come from that discipline.


Dance Research Journal

Dance Research Journal is the longest running, peer reviewed journal in its field, and has become one of the foremost international outlets for dance research scholarship. The journal carries scholarly articles, book reviews, and a list of books and journals received.

Historical Newspapers

Streaming Media

Image result for creative commons film

Search these film sources to find interviews, documentaries, and performances.

Highlighted Films