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SSI2-141: Architectures of Power

Forming a Research Question

Research is not passive reporting, it is a search for answers. As you learned from The Craft of Research (Booth et al 2016), your framework starts out like this:





Research typically begins with a topic that has piqued your curiosity.  As you learn more about your chosen topic, however, you'll discover that scholars may have different approaches and arguments about the topic, and you'll start to ask your own research questions, in order to define the conceptual/research problem, so that you can find research answers that help to solve the initial problems. 


Work with a Peer Research Advisor!

Claire,  Elias, and Lili are the 2023-24 peer research advisors!

Make an appointment with Elias.  

Make an appointment with Lili.

Make an appointment with Claire.

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