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BUS 331: Fashion Law and Public Policy: Case Law

Course guide with resources to support students in BUS 331: Fashion Law & Public Policy

How To Find a Specific Legal Case: Main Search Box

You can quickly find a case on Nexis Uni in a variety ways. When looking for cases, it is best to search by the citation because you go directly to the case.​

  1. Type the case citation or party name in the big space labeled Search


  1. Click on All Nexis Uni (next to the magnifying glass icon)
  2. Choose Cases
  3. Type in the case citation


Search for Cases

Case searching example

How To Find Legal Cases: Pod Searching

From the home page, you can create a simple search targeting a particular type of content through the Task Pods. Click on the content type that you want to search and fill in the available options. 

For example:

Pod Searching Example

Shepardizing & Signal Indicators

Shepard's provides a comprehensive case citation and treatment history to verify the validity of case law, statutes, agency opinion, and other legal document. When you shepardize a case, you will find "citing decisions" that refer to the original case. Those appeals may affirm, question, or overturn the original case.

  • Any U.S. federal or state case can be Shepardized in Nexis Uni
  • Links to Summary, prior history, subsequent history, treatment, and law review references.
  • After finding a case record click on "Shepardize this Document" on the right or click on the target symbol next to the name.

Shepardize example


Signal Indicators

When you retrieve cases in Nexis Uni, the case will have one of seven possible Signal Indicators (icon) right before the title. The icon indicates how citing cases refer to the case.