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SSI1-161: Social Order & Human Freedom (Anderson-Connolly): Discliplinary Lenses

Disciplinary Lens Exercise

Different areas of study, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary have their own approaches to knowledge including their own sets of theoretical frameworks, methodologies and scopes that have been shaped by generations of scholars. 

When you're studying a topic for a class within a specific discipline it can be very important to use the appropriate disciplinary databases in order to review the pertinent literature from that field. Due to differences in approaches it may not be appropriate to use literature from one discipline to complete an assignment for a class in another discipline. 

In this exercise please search for:  "individual freedom" and societ*

Google: an Interdisciplinary Search Engine of the Open Web

Google Web Search


Humanities Interdisciplinarity

Political Science


World History

Ethnic News

JSTOR: An Interdisciplinary Scholarly Archive