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SSI1-122: Ecotopia?: Maps and Vocabulary

Contemporary maps and atlases

Historical maps and atlases

Historical atlases  are helpful for visualizing shifting borders, development, and industrial change over the centuries.

Examples of Specific Vocabulary

Bird: Northwest Crow

Type of Precipitation: Drizzle

Type of Structure: Bungalow

Brick Pattern: Cobble

Bridge Type: Suspension


Vocabulary of Place: Flora, Fauna and the Environment

What makes the experience of a hiking trip in Mt. Rainier National Park different from the experience of a hiking trip in New York's Adirondack State Park? A Northwest forest is quite different from an upstate New York forest, but to be able to articulate the differences, we need to use precise and descriptive language. You may find the following glossaries, guides and dictionaries helpful when it comes to finding the words to describe a specific place or landscape.

Vocabulary of Place: Geology and Climate

Vocabulary of Place: Human Structures and Byproducts

Vocabulary of Place: Peoples and Histories