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PSYC 325: History and Systems of Psychology: History of American Psychology

History of American Psychology

Mainstream American Psychology History

  • Provide four to six major theories, ideas, and/or technology/methodologies within American psychology for your decade.  Lay out competing theories that were alive and well during that decade, ideas that were slowly making their way across the Atlantic from Europe, theories that were falling out of favor (and why), relevant technology/methodology that became available for psychologists to use.
  • Provide a "quick and dirty" understanding of mainstream American psychology during your decade.
  • Your textbooks and other resources should make this portion of the assignment quite manageable; however, it is your responsibility as historians to decide which pieces of information to include and how to frame them.

Find Books on the History of Psychology

There are many books and articles available on the history of psychology, and the history of subfields within psychology.  You might also want to look for books about prominent people who were key to the discipline.

In the search box below try searching:

history and psychology and American

Then think about ways you might want to narrow your search depending on the decade you're studying, and the different people, events and trends that were important during that time period.

Search Primo


Using the drop down arrow, change the search to 'Collins' to find the electronic and physical books the Collins Library has access to.

Find Articles on the History of Psychology

In PsycINFO try searching:

"history of psychology" AND (American OR "United States")

Then think about ways to narrow your search depending on the decade you're studying.

For instance you might try adding:  1960s or 1970s, etc. to your search to see if there are articles specific to your decade.  You also may want to search for information about specific people, theories, or sub-disciplines to see how they fit in an historical context.

Search PsycINFO

PsycINFO is the primary tool used by psychologists to find information related to all aspects of psychology.

Limit Your Results