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BUS 370: International Business Theory & Strategy: Internalization

Creating Effective Search Statements

When conducting research in a database it's important to be thoughtful of the specific search terms you are using, and how they might impact your results.

Consider alternative terms or synonyms that describe your key concepts, and that could possibly improve or change your search results.

Key Concept

Synonyms or Alternative Ways of Phrasing

 Location  Country Name OR Continent OR Region
 Wage  Salary OR Income OR Employment

Adapted from Teaching Information Literacy by J. Burkhardt & M. MacDonald.

Structure a search statement that you can use while doing research in a database. Use Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT), and utilize some of the advanced search functions available to you.

Additional Databases

Here are some other databases that may help you with your research.

Recommended Databases

Business Source Premier
Limit Your Results

Business News Sources

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Search Collins+Summit+Articles


E-books in Collins Library are fully integrated into Primo Search! 

Consult the e-books guide to find out more about finding and using our growing e-book collection.

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