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SSI1-165 Never Really Alone: Symbioses and Parasitism Around and Within Us

Electronic Reference Collections

You can use these collections to search for your topic of interest and get started by finding a broad overview of important background information, including vocabularly that can be used as keywords when searching a database; and bibliographies in articles to find other sources (both primary and secondary).

Online Searching Tips

  • Look for clues in the URL: .gov, .org, .edu;
  • When in doubt, go back to the primary page to find out more ( out the mainpage to see what it's about);
  • When searching, try including the name of a well-known organization or museum, such as the Smithsonian;
  • Evaluate, Trust...Verify: once you've evaluated information and decided that it's probably trustworthy, it's a good idea to verify facts and dates through other sources.