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Printmaking: Printmaking at Puget Sound

This guide serves as a starting point for resources about printmaking.


Courses offered at the University of Puget Sound

Art 281: Beginning Printmaking: Relief and Intaglio

This beginning printmaking class introduces students to basic relief and intaglio printing techniques, in addition to a history of the media. Drawing is an important aspect of the two processes that is explored. Relief processes include transfer methods, safe use of carving tools, black and white and color printing. Intaglio processes include plate preparation, the application of grounds, methods of biting the plates with acids, chine colle, and printing.

Prerequisite: ART 101.

Art 282: Beginning Printmaking: Screenprint and Lithography

This beginning printmaking course introduces students to technical aspects and creative possibilities of lithography and screenprinting. Planographic processes that are introduced include stone lithography and plate lithography. Students learn several non-toxic screenprint procedures, including paper and fluid stencils, reduction printing and crayon resists. There is an overview of historical and contemporary works in each area.

Prerequisite: ART 101.

Art 382: Intermediate Printmaking

Students further develop their studio practice in the printmaking area. Students focus on one of four major print areas ' lithography, etching, relief, and screenprint ' or work with a combination of these processes. The collograph is introduced in addition to photo-mechanical and digitally augmented printmaking methods, such as photo-etching, photo-lithography, and laser lithography. Multiple plate color printing and serial imagery may also be explored. Students develop concept and technique within the language of multiples.

Prerequisites: ART 101 and 281 or 282.

 Faculty: Janet Marcavage, Associate Professor