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SSI1-152: Gender and Performance

Concept Map Overview

A concept map is:

  • a visual tool for generating and organizing ideas
  • a way to explore different aspects of a topic
  • a method for triggering word associations

Use a concept map to:

  • aid thinking at the beginning of the research process
  • create a visual overview of a topic
  • develop questions on a topic
  • reveal patterns, themes, and associations between ideas
  • generate search terms to conduct research

How to Create a Concept Map

The process is simple: start with the subject of your research question in the center, then:

  • In the space around the central concept, write words or phrases for any relevant subtopics.
  • For each of your focus subtopics, add related terms/concepts to your map.





You can use concept mapping software from or to create your concept map. Pencil and paper also work.


Example of a mind map on Will Smith's body in science fiction films

Example of Concept Map

Concept Map of Ibsen's A Doll's House