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SSI2-114: Humans, Nature, and the Environment (Prof. Woods)

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Remember that it can be very helpful to change the dropdown scope menu from the default "Collins, Summit, & Articles, etc" to just "Collins" when searching for books. 

When searching for books, try different variations on your topic. For instance, you could try searching for 'Olympic mountain goat relocation' but you could also try "species reintroduction" or "wildlife translocation" to find books on the broader topic that aren't focused as narrowly on this one example. 

Online Reference Sources

Requesting Books through Summit

Summit Borrowing allows you to get books from the other libraries that belong to the same consortium of academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest. Instead of just one library, it's like you've got 37!  Books take 3-5 working days to arrive, at which point they will be held for you at the circulation desk for one week, where you can pick them up with your ID card. You may keep Summit books for 6 weeks; there are no renewals. 

 To request an item, be sure you are signed in and then click the "Request Item from SUMMIT' link. See screenshots below. 

You can see your Summit requests by clicking the 'My Account' link when logged in to Primo. 

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