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SSI2-114: Humans, Nature, and the Environment (Prof. Woods)

Position Essay

For your position essay, you need to pick write about human impact on nature. This can be a positive or negative impact, but you'll need to pick an example, make an argument about it (is it a good impact? or negative?) and provide evidence for your position. You will need to cite at least two sources for that evidence, and they can be books, magazine articles, scholarly literature, or credible websites. 

Watch the video below and consider: what are the impacts that you seen humans making or that humans have made on the environment? What choices were made? Are they good or bad choices, and what evidence makes you think so?

Mountain Goat Translocation

Work with a Peer Research Advisor!

Claire,  Elias, and Lili are the 2023-24 peer research advisors!

Make an appointment with Elias.  

Make an appointment with Lili.

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