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SSI2-182: Against Equality?

American Jurisprudence in Nexis Uni

American Jurisprudence 2nd Edition, a staple of law libraries, is an authoritative legal encyclopedia. This is an excellent resource to get background on a broad range of legal topics. 

American Jurisprudence is available Nexis Uni, which is helpful in the sense that you don't need to worry about paging through a print edition, but is troublesome in that Nexis Uni is difficult for new users.

The tutorial below walks you through the process of searching American Jurisprudence in Nexis Uni.

  • Navigate to Nexis Uni
  • Click on “Advanced Search”

Nexis Uni Advanced Search


  • Click on “Legal”, then "Law Reviews and Journals" on the left side menu.


  • Select “Jurisprudence” to search AmJur2d