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SSI2-157 | Chinese Painting in the West

Final Paper Assignment

The final paper is to exhibit your understanding and experience of some important aspects of Chinese painting in the West. You are free to choose your own topic, something that intrigues you or something you really like to work on this semester. Five themes, namely, the collection, the market, the exhibition, the teaching, and the research of Chinese painting in the West, are lectured, read, reported and discussed in the first two sections of the seminar. You are encouraged to discuss your ideas with instructor both before you start and during your work in progress. See the assignment description on Canvas for full details. 

Finding Full Text Articles

If you have a citation to an article and want to find the full text,use Primo's advanced search. Change the "any field" to title. Type the journal title and the material type to journals.

Journal example:

Tan, Chang. 2012. "Art for/of the Masses." Third Text 26, no. 2: 177-194.

Art Related Databases from Ebsco

Note: You can search these Ebsco databases simultaneously by clicking on the link "Choose Databases" and selecting the titles listed below.

Also try these databases

Start with these databases to find articles on your topic.

Scholarly Journals in Print Only

Scholarly Journals with Digital Access