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SSI2-121: American Songs

Mining Bibliographies

How to Quickly Find Scholarly Sources on Your Topic

For your annotated bibliography assignment, you are asked to find and summarize a variety of resources, from reference works to scholarly articles, to more popular sources like newspapers and online content. 

Mining a bibliography of a scholarly book or journal article on your topic enables you to find similar credible sources to use in your research -- it lets you work smarter, not harder!

Academic sources will generally include a bibliography, references,  or works cited page.  Scanning those pages can give you other books or articles relevant to your topic. It can also help you find scholars and other experts writing in your field. 


Simply type the title of the book or journal article, in quotation marks, into PRIMO to see if it's also available in the Library. If it's not in the Collins Library collection, use Summit or make an interlibrary loan request to have it sent to you!




adapted from Norwich University's Kreitzberg Library